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How To Avoid Risks At Buying 200 Instagram Followers

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What risks await people in a matter such as buying Instagram followers with the help of special services? This may be a block of the page, and its theft, as well as, possibly, the cancellation of followers. If the account promotion was done not by professionals, but by losers, then, most likely, they do not know how to securely receive traffic, and then the user’s chances of getting a ban for such a service increase.


Therefore, before starting a collaboration with some kind of contractor or just a seller, it is worth knowing some nuances in order to be able to distinguish a real specialist from a fraudster:


First, always read reviews about the service you chose. They can be found at different sites, for example, on thematic forums. Usually, people here exchange views on working with a particular site and can offer advice on buying followers safely. You can also find a discussion of services in social media, where users create entire groups dedicated to such services.


Secondly, choose those resources that meet certain requirements. For example, payment methods should be only official, that is, through special systems. These are PayPal. You should also not contact services where registration is required at the entrance: afterwards you will receive an unnecessary advertising list from them, and in general you will have to spend time on an unnecessary procedure. Also do not forget to carefully read all the agreements and rules on cooperation, then there will be no controversial issues.


Third, always make a test order. It is enough to buy 200 instagram followers to understand how fast the traffic will come and how much you will receive the order. Also, check the likes from which accounts came to your page, as often unscrupulous sellers sell followers from bots under the guise of “real” and request a large amount. If everything suits, then nothing will prevent to make a purchase in more serious volumes.


These were recommendations that will help you to choose a quality service, and you do not need to engage in self-promotion accounts – it takes a lot of time.


Why is paid promotion more profitable than self-promotion?


Even despite the fact that now buy followers is worth little money, some users still want to do the promotion on their own and do not see the difference between paid and free methods. But in some cases, the purchase of 200 followers may be even more profitable than self-attracting traffic. And that’s why:


Suppose you find an ideal seller with low prices and an excellent reputation. By the way, you can read reviews about the promotion of Instagram accounts with the help of increasing followers of one of the sites in order to understand that such resources exist. In this case, real professionals will work and the increase in performance will occur unnoticed by the administration of Instagram, since these specialists know all the rules of social media and will never violate them. And if you act independently, then there is a great chance to exceed the limits and get a ban. Then all the work that was done before that will be in vain.


Everyone knows the expression “Time is money.” So, in order to get an audience for free, at least in the amount of 200 instagram followers, you have to spend about a day or two. But when you buy them on a commercial site, it will take you a minute to design and an hour or two to add traffic to the page. Consequently, the time saved can be spent on improving the content and thinking through a promotion strategy. Then you do not have to spend money again and engage in promotion.


There are also frequent cases of theft of accounts for resale. For example, doing likes through various free programs, you can easily pick up a virus that will delete all data on your computer. Or it may be spyware software that calculates all logins and passwords, and you will lose your accounts.


Well, it is worth saying that in-house promotion of your account cannot be compared in efficiency with the work of people involved in these years. Using the services, you can immediately select the desired quality of the resource and not overpay, if this is not necessary. And acting independently, you will never be able to track clear statistics.


Thus, it turns out that sometimes buying 200 instagram followers is much more beneficial than getting them yourself.

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